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Healthcare for people with Albinism through GAM Health Clinics

We work on providing sustainable healthcare to people with albinism.

Global Aid Missions runs GAM Health Clinics which are aimed at providing free healthcare services to people with albinism. At the present moment, we have a running clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe. O penned in December 2018, the clinic has been one of our successful projects in mitigating the challenges faced by people with albinism across the country.Have fun with.

The Clinic is currently offering the following services:
  • General Consultation with a Doctor
  • Precancerous Wounds Treatment
  • Counseling Services
  • Skin Cancer Education & Sunscreen Lotions
  • HIV Testing and Counseling
  • Family Planning & Cervical Cancer Pre-screening
  • Medical Examinations
  • Sun Blocks

Supporting and Protecting the Rights of Persons Living with Albinism in Zimbabwe and Beyond.


We do community lobbying, awareness and education on the rights and well-being of persons with Albinism.

Global Aid Missions is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our partners and beneficiaries and playing a constructive role in supporting local health services and government. Read about the latest decisions being made by the organisation and the actions being taken in response for COVID-19.
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